Crown Royal Vanilla Tasting in Atlanta #VanillaSoGood Monday 21 November, 2016

Its a new season and time for some new flavors, and I got a chance to experience the new Crown Royal Vanilla that brings a new sweetness to whiskey. The tasting was done at The Glenn Hotel’s Skylounge Rooftop that was the perfect ambiance for the experience. We got to taste the new Crown Royal Vanilla, mingle and enjoy the beautiful skyline of downtown Atlanta that is in direct view of the CNN Center, SkyView ferriswheel and other skyrises and views of the city. I was excited to try the new flavor of Crown. I got a chance earlier this year to experience Crown Royal Apple, so lets see what Crown Royal Vanilla has in store. Is Vanilla So Good Really?  crown-royal-vanilla-so-good-tasting-atlanta-kiwi-the-beauty-6

Crown Royal is adding a delicious new whisky to its family with the introduction of Crown Royal Vanilla Flavored Whisky, a blend of hand-selected Crown Royal whiskies infused with the rich flavor of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. The result is a unique whisky bursting with vanilla flavor and Crown Royal’s superior smoothness. A versatile drink for all seasons, Crown Royal Vanilla tastes great when mixed with sodas (for a Vanilla take on hard sodas), used to create a Vanilla twist on classic cocktails (like a Vanilla Old Fashioned and Vanilla Hot Toddy) or simply sipped on the rocks.






Demo taste test of the Crown Royal Vanilla and Deluxe flavors


Guided by taste testing demo to try the Crown Royal Vanilla and Deluxe flavors without any mixers.

Crown Royal Vanilla begins with aromas of rich vanilla bean and delicate hints of oak. The taste opens with a delicious, not-too-sweet vanilla flavor followed by Crown Royal’s signature smooth finish. The mouthfeel is pleasant and warm, with an aftertaste reminiscent of crème brulee.


Vanilla Canadian Mule

Vanilla Canadian Mule
1.5 oz. Crown Royal Vanilla
3/4 oz. fresh lime juice
4 dashes orange bitters
3 oz. ginger beer

Old Throne
1.5 oz. Crown Royal Vanilla
1 tsp. cane sugar
6 drops orange bitters

Queen of the South
1 oz. Crown Royal Vanilla
2 oz. cranberry juice
2 oz. soda


Crown Royal Vanilla Goodie Boxes





Overall I did enjoy the tasting of the new Crown Royal Vanilla. Got a chance to hang out with some of my friends, learn more about the drink and enjoy the Atlanta skyline view. I am now enjoying the Vanilla, to me which is a unisex flavor that anyone of drinking age would enjoy. I am even thinking of a few recipes that can be spruced up with this vanilla bourbon for myself. A spiked Hot Chocolate, adult sundaes, and more. There are some holiday functions and gathering coming up soon that I can introduce people and make some festive drinks. I am pretty creative so this new flavor will get some great usage!


Learn more about the Crown Royal Vanilla #VanillaSoGood new flavor here.

What do you think of Vanilla So Good? Would you try the Crown Royal Vanilla?

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