{Event Recap} Bronner Bros Blogger Brunch + Hair Show 2014 Saturday 29 March, 2014


I attended my first Bronner Bros Weekend and we kicked it off with a Blogger Brunch. The interesting thing is that I lived in Atlanta majority of my life, and I have never before went to the Bronner Bros Hair show. Bronner Bros is known for the variety of eccentric hairstyles and products on the market, so I definitely was excited to get up close and personal and observe what to expect this year.

Social Media Blogger Lunch


Myself + Oshae + Rita

So I was one of the featured bloggers to experience the social media suite at the Omni Hotel. It was sponsored by Upscale Magazine, Passion XO, and event coordinator done tastefully by S.T.E.P.S. Event Planning Firm. We ate, talked, and chatted it up using the hashtag #. Below are some pictures of myself and fellow blogger enjoying ourselves before the Bronner Bros activities. bronnerbros-2014-kiwithebeauty2 bronnerbros-2014-kiwithebeauty4 bronnerbros-2014-kiwithebeauty5 bronnerbros-2014-kiwithebeauty7 bronnerbros-2014-kiwithebeauty3

Bronner Bros 2014


At the Bronner Bros Hair Show Convention at the Georgia World Congress Center. Thousands of people come in from all over hair stylist, professionals and enthusiast come to this convention each year to learn more about hair care and styling. What I think is truly interesting this year is that they have incorporated more natural hair options and products to showcase as well. As a naturalista myself, I can appreciate that people are putting more items on the market for healthy hair care and it’s becoming more of a demand of education and natural hair products. bronnerbros-2014-kiwithebeauty11 bronnerbros-2014-kiwithebeauty12 bronnerbros-2014-kiwithebeauty13

I stopped by the Hairfinity booth and randomly ran into Toya Wright, yes the one I did the cover story for Sheen Magazine in the latest Love and Relationship Issue. I thanked her again for the opportunity to interview her for the magazine and continued success for all of her business ventures. She is an advocate for Hairfinity hair growth pills as well. I also took a picture with her daughter Reginae Carter…she is too cute.

Hairstyle WOW


bronnerbros2014-hair-kiwithebeauty3 bronnerbros2014-hair-kiwithebeauty4 bronnerbros2014-hair-kiwithebeauty5 bronnerbros2014-hair-kiwithebeauty7 bronnerbros2014-hair-kiwithebeauty7 (2) bronnerbros2014-hair-kiwithebeauty6 (2) As I stated earlier, the highlight of the Bronner Bros show is the eclectic hairstyles. All the colors, creativity and just an array of options for visual display. There were models who hair was done strictly for this conference (so many of these styles are definitely not for everyday wear). The lady with the Smiley face was the winner of  most overly coordinated hairstyle, in which she matched her hair to her clothes and even eyes…wow. Kids don’t try that at home, but all of the styles were interesting to look at.



At the show, there is also demonstrations of different products and even innovations. Nudred is a inventive tool for natural hair to turn a normal fro or twa, aka The Hair Twisting Miracle.  Nudred is utilitzed on the top of the head to be rubbed in a repetitive circular motion and instantly one can see the change in hair patterns. It works well for both male & female – Salon quality you can do at home. I was impressed. Although I can’t personally use it due to my hair length, someone with a shorter hairstyle looking for more variety would appreciate this.


bronnerbros2014-hair-kiwithebeauty5 (2) Derek J of Fashion Queens & Real Housewives of reality show stardom, who is a hairstylist who has dominated Bronner Bros for years now. He hosted  a unique hair fashion show that displayed different styles and coloring techniques provided by KISS. The colors were done with Kiss Express Color products in which the hues were very vibrant but fashionable. Exciting and Rich hair colors are in, so it was cool to see how they were styled to sophistication. I am seriously going to dye my own hair a funky color…I am inspired!



bronnerbros-2014-kiwithebeauty17 bronnerbros-2014-kiwithebeauty18 bronnerbros-2014-nairobi-kiwithebeauty

Now I am highlighting this because I think this was one of the cutest concepts at the hair show. The Nairobi booth had cute go-go models who shimmed in blue sequined shorts and showed off their cute hairstyles that were styled with Nairobi hair products. Nairobi is a complete collection of hair care products created especially for sensitized and excessively curly textures use by professionals. The Nairobi girls were extremely cute! bronnerbros-2014-kiwithebeauty19 bronnerbros-2014-kiwithebeauty20 bronnerbros-2014-kiwithebeauty21

Did you know that Nairobi and Sheen are under the same company?  So of course I had to stop by and support both. The Nairobi and Sheen Men models were a lot of fun! Overall my experience at Bronner Bros this yeear was a great one. The only thing I would ask is for more Natural Hair showcase! As textured and versatile be amazing to see even more of that for next year’s convention.  Well I can finally say I came, I saw & conquered my 1st Bronner Bros show. Finally!

The Social Media-lite,


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