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Where-To-Eat-Atlanta-Doraku-Sushi-Food-Review I am reviewing a new sushi spot in the heart of the new trendy Buckhead shopping area called Doraku Sushi. Doraku sushi promotes themselves Authentic Flavors, Japanese Hospitality, Artisanal Drinks and Fun. It’s definitely lives up to its description as I was able to try it out for myself in a 10 course meal (yup you saw that correctly) and got to try so many flavors and variation of different asian cuisines. Although it is a sushi spot, it is much more than that as you can get so many dishes and cuisines to choose from, you will think you are in an upscale restaurant in Japan. Check out all of the dishes for yourself below. 

Semi-enclose intimate dining booth
Sake at the table. I will not lie, I thought I wasn’t a sake fan until I had this. Sake is the Japanese version of alcohol. This was so smooth, to the point I just wanted to cups. That’s it. Great sake taste!


James River Oyster w/Maltese OToro

This is the most well decorated oyster I have ever seen in my life. This has a jalepeno on it. The jalepeno gives it an extra kick in flavor. It is spicy!

Salmon Sashimi Taco + Ahi Poke + Doraku Deviled Egg + Eggplant Miso + Alaskan Cod Nanbanzuke
Salmon Sashimi Taco was my favorite out of this course. Super delish!
Japanese Yellowtail Carpaccio
Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Another favorite of mine! I will be honest I was never the biggest brussels sprout fan, but I promise you with this being baked crispy style and the seasonings…you will love this! I devoured this. I am a fan of brussels spouts because of this particular dish. My 10 year old self is very disappointed in adult Kiwi right now…but adult Kiwi’s tastebuds craves this!

Roasted Truffle Salmon
Sea Urchin + Ikura Pasta
Asian-style Lemon sorbet (Special Request/Not on Menu)

This was given in the middle of the 10 course meal tasting, as this lemon sorbet was a palette cleanser. This was be amazing to have alone on any hot day in Atlanta! I would recommend this as a summer menu dish!

Hawaiian Bigeye Tuna + Faroe Island Salmon + Soy Butter Grilled King Crab
Octopus Kara-Age
Grilled Scallop + Monkfish Liver
Saigon + Double Happiness + God of Fire + Ultimate Salmon


This is considered the Double Happiness. This was my favorite of the sushi options! It definitely lived up to its name, it make me double happy and I would definitely get a double order of this!

Miso Soup with Red Snapper and Shiitake Mushrooms (Season and by Request Only)
Brownie Tempura + Vanilla ice cream & caramel drizzle

This brownie Tempura was my absolute favorite dish of the night. I literally will come back not only for this, but this would be my must-have dish every time I visited Doraku. Tempura means fried…so yes this is a fried brownie. So imagine eating this fried brownie with some delicious ice cream. A combo I will never forget and must have more often!


I truly enjoyed the experience of Doraku. This is definitely a sexy date night vibe and even a cute happy hour with co-workers and friends. The decors is very modern and jazzy, and the seating is cozy with little booths that are semi enclosed for more intimacy. I was very impressed with the variety on the menu, and even enjoyed my first taste of sake. The vibe here is amazing with dim lights, but still the comfort of a modern bar + lounge. Thanks Chef Todd Dae Kulper for the creative dishes and the opening of my taste palettes. I’ve never been to Japan but it’s my bucketlist goal to go to Tokoyo in the near future, and dining here tasted as if I am there. Somethings were a first for me, some were a little over my usual tastebuds and many of the dishes are items I can’t wait to go back and try with friends!

Learn more about Doraku Sushi Atlanta and other locations at

Which dish would you like to try at Doraku Sushi? kiwithebeauty-lgo

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