Food Review | The Chemist Cocktail and Modern Cuisine (Myrtle Beach) Saturday 27 August, 2016


 I had a press trip in Myrtle Beach recently and I stayed an amazing hotel, but what is a vacation without learning the local foodie spots? Well I discovered a gem when I ate at a very themed and fun spot called The Chemist. The Chemist Craft Cocktails and Modern Cuisine is located in the heart of historic downtown Myrtle Beach, in a really trendy area but as you can see this place stands out before you enter. I didnt really know what to expect going to a place called the Chemist. What do they have up their sleeve?



Interactive scientific themed crafted cocktails

The first thing I wanted to order was the crafted cocktails. You cant help by being drawn to the drinks because before you order, your cocktail menu is displayed on illuminated glass etched with fun themed scientifically named drinks. I was impressed with the names of the drinks and it really makes you feel like you are ordering from an exclusive laboratory bar mad for scientist. Check out the names of the quirky drinks!

  • Professor’s Punch 
  • Mad Scientist
  • Atomic Bulleit
  • Molecular Mule
  • Thyme Machine
  • The Sixth Element
  • Radioactive Coke
  • Tryptonic

The Chemist cocktail menu offers beakers, glasses and even mini copper pots full of elemental surprises.



The Arctic research team sent the formulation for this lab-warmer of Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlua and cold-brewed nitro coffee validated with with Amaretto foam.


Periodically Peach Martini

Located somewhere between Palladium and Polonium, the delicious new element (Pp) is comprised of Tito’s Vodka, St. Germaine, house-concocted peach simple syrup, splashed with orange juice and varied with a sugar rim and candied orange.


Buck Rabbit Toasted Bread, Wilted Spinach, Guinness Cheddar Fondue, Quail Egg over Easy with Tabasco Caviar (no actual rabbit was used in this appetizer)


Spring Roll – Smoked pimento cheese spring rolls with dipping sauce


Bonfire Shrimp – Crispy shrimp, tossed in a creamy, tangy sauce


Diver Scallops – Served with wakame salad, chili oil, yuzu foam and marmalade


Impressive! You salmon never came this smoked before!

This place is so witty. The Smoked Salmon actually comes on a plate smoked…literally. The presentation itself is awesome as its enclosed in a glass covering which is smoked with liquid nitrogen for the ‘Smoked Salmon’ effect. When you open it…smoke comes out and your salmon is presented! Amazing!


Smoked Salmon – Fresh cold water Atlantic salmon, seared and smoked under glass with bamboo rice risotto, shiitake mushrooms, and XO butter sauce


Lamb Chops – Herb encrusted lamb cooked sous-vide over summer vegetables and roasted potatoes, finished with demi-glace


My guest and I even did shots in mini beakers. Thats a first and they were so cute!


After my observations, Chemist is definitely a one of a kind bar. Its not just a bar, its definitely an experience. Elements from the Periodic Table is your actual table (clever), Drinks served in beakers, liquid nitrogen smoke adding a real science element to your martinis and evne your waiters serve you in actual lab coats. The place is pure genius…almost as smart as if a scientist concocted this idea themselves. I highly recommend this restaurant if you are ever in Myrtle Beach. This place will impress you with its decor, its wittiness on play on words and even dish – and most of all its excellent service. I promise you never been to a place like this before. This place is laboratory themed in and out, and makes you remember how science can actually be a little fun. I challenge you to ‘experiment’ at The Chemist and come up with your own theory on the drinks and food.


The Chemist Craft Cocktails and Modern Cuisine

300 9th Ave N, Myrtle Beach, SC

Learn more at 

Would you ever experiment at a Science Themed Bar?

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