Fun Foodie Hot Spots in Los Angeles You Must Try! Wednesday 09 March, 2016

I went to Los Angeles and I was on a mission to try some food that I can only experience in this Sunny city. This place has so many option for all of your tastebuds to take a joyride and I actually found so pretty fun foodie hot spots! Check out my little discoveries and see how LA shocked me with these fun hot spots.



The Griddle Cafe – home of the largest Red Velvet PanCAKE ever

So one of my first brunch spots I visited was called The Griddle Cafe. A friend took me here and introduced me to one of the largest brunch spot portions  I have ever seen! It’s a must to try the “Red Velvet” panCAKE. Humongous!  I will be honest unless you can work up a big appetite, it will be hard to eat this entire thing in one setting. Or prove me wrong and go for it! The Griddle Cafe menu here.



“The Obama” plate

Roscoes Chicken and Waffles is actually a staple all day breakfast spot in the city. If you are a breakfast person, especially an all-day non-stop breakfast spot this is highly recommended. President Obama frequented this place so much when he came into town they named a meal after him This meal that I ordered called “The Obama” is a 3 piece wing and waffle meal. Just know Mr.Obama has great taste…literally! Roscoes Chicken and Waffles menu here.



la-best-fun-foodie-places-to-eat-los-angeles-california-food-resturant-review-3  Now this place is a little hidden gem that is pretty epic. The name alone intrigues you and makes you curious as to what kind of place is called EggSlut in the first place. What makes the egg a slut? Well I found out. This once beloved famous food truck stop evolved into a quick pitsop for breakfast/brunch option because of its popularity. Warning* This place is so uber popular there will be a line, you will be waiting for a while but this will be worth the wait.. Affordable healthy fresh made breakfast food with freshly squeeze O.J. served readily al la carte.  This is a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich – best part (sausage is TURKEY). Its pretty rare to find sauage egg sandwiches that give turkey options so super A+ in my book for this. Eating this made me feel naughty but nice…this is beyond brand its delicious too! EggSlut breakfast/brunch menu here.




Daily Happy Hour from 3-7 – Sangria


Mexican Street Corn


Their infamous “Pink Tacos”

So tacos in Los Angeles is like no other. This city prides themselves of their authentic Mexican food and Tacos is a serious thing. Taco Tuesday is a huge thing and at Pink Taco you will get quite the experience. Whether you get this Taco on a Tuesday or anything, why is it pink you may ask? I learn they have a special ingredient adorned on the taco which is a habernero picked onion that gives it the “pink” name. That brilliant and taste so good! You can only get it here. I got the Grilled Chicken pink taco. Pink Taco Menu here.



Retro 70s drink and hangout lounge you must enter through a vintage refrigerator door for the fun!

Good Times at Davey Waynes is one of the most innovative lounges I have ever visited. Los Angles has some hidden gems, but literally this place is pretty hidden. It’s almost like a secret hangout spot because if you see it on the street there are no obvious signage and there is a special entrance to get to the fun. You have to walk up to the spot, which look kind of isolated on the street, and a host will trail you to the special door. The special door is a vintage 70s refrigerator door. How cool is that? Literally how cool is this spot? Very…when you walk in you instantly are flashbacked into someones 70s living room. The entire place feels very authentic to have a “Good Time” like as if you lived in that era. The decor uses real memorabilia from that decade from vinyls, real soda and beer can decor and magazine clips in the establishment. Oh yeah I was ready to have a GOOD TIME!


You pick up your “sno-cone” in this vintage mobile camper. Opens at 8pm daily


I went here with a friend who told me about something I knew I couldn’t leave Los Angeles without getting one of these. An alcoholic sno-cone! Sno-cone for adults…dont mind if I do! How fun is this concept, which you can get your order placed within a vintage rustic camper. This sno-cone was only $6. You must come here. You must go through that refirdgerar and get you this sweet treat. Oh and my dress was a mere coincidence…I promise. Good Times and Davey Waynes menu here.


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