Grown-Up Game Night In with Popcorn Party Cones Thursday 30 April, 2015

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Being an adult is interesting, the older you get the harder it is to hang out with friends. Too many of us are working, are parents and doing boring adult things to take the fun out of our own lives. You might have a little get together every once in a while, go out for some drinks sparingly, but doesn’t it seem like it’s more far and between these days? It’s definitely seems this way for me and my friends…sometimes we have to plan weeks in advance just to get together!  I miss being a kid because it was so much easier to have fun and connect with one another! 

I decided with my friends we need to have monthly Grown-Up Game Night Ins! We each take turns going over each others houses in various months and just have game night! We live in an app generation where even the grown-ups are playing games with apps for mild entertainment, but I miss a good old fashion board game! You could play those for hours!!  game-night-in-hasbros-m&ms-kiwi-blog3

So I decided I wanted to bring it back real old school with some classics Hasbro® Jenga and Hasbro® Monopoly! I loved those two games growing up and I am so happy they are still around! I decided if we are gonna have a Grown Up #GameNightIn, we need to play like how big kids should! Bring back a little nostalgia!  JENGA!

Hasbro® Jenga is still a favorite of mine. A simple game that is so fun but can bring on so much anxiety! You build these by 3 blocks stack on one another in opposing directions, then take turns taking a block and stacking it on top without it falling. I have actually wrote on mine and put a special twist to my version of Hasbro® Jenga – and added some truth or dare words to a few of the blocks. If you choose a block with written info on it, you must confess or do the dare! Hey its Grown-Up Game Night you have to put a fun twist to it! Whoever knocks topples the block down has a penalty I made up as well…you gotta take a shot! Its the grown up way to play!


Good old Hasbro® Monopoly! Where you test your friendships to the max. It always starts off nice and friendly, but when there is money and property involved…it can get pretty ugly! Everyone loves when you get an Advance to Go (Collect $200) and we all hate Going to Jail! Here is the thing with Monopoly…why can’t the money be real? I really wanna make it rain with this money…so because I can only make it drizzle with my own funds…I literally made it Hasbro® Monopoly rain on myself several times when I was doing good! Showboating…my friends thought I was crazy but hey let me live out my make-it-rain dreams! Even if it’s with rainbow colored money! I have rich rapper dreams sometimes ok? Dont judge me!  GAMENIGHTIN-display-jenga-monopoly

Found both of these classic games Hasbro® Monopoly +  Hasbro® Jenga in Walmart. These are located near the Children’s toy section.


….I also wanted some Grown Up Snacks! So I made up some grown-up popcorn party mix! All it is basically it’s popcorn, pretzels, peanuts and M&M’s®  (peanuts). Its like trail-mix but with popcorn! Its a great twist on your favorite party snack! You can add whatever else you want in it, but I just added these ingredients.  popcornpartycones

I also made these cute party popcorn cones to put the mix in. It’s cute and affordable and easy to make! Just get some scrap paper and fold them into a cone shape and make a bunch of them! You can make them cute and girly, coordinate it to the theme of your party if you like! 

My friends loved the cute little cones to put the popcorn it. I made some to match the Monoply game colors. I was trying to be a little festive! The M&M’s® to the popcorn gave it an added flavor! My friends loved it!  game-night-in-hasbros-m&ms-kiwi-blog6

These Party-Sized Peanut M&M’s®  were amazing! I didn’t even realized they made them this big! It definitely worked to make my popcorn party mix to fill in my cones! Had way more than enough for my own secret stash…yes I have a secret candy stash don’t judge me!  game-night-in-hasbros-m&ms-kiwi-blog8

Found these Party Sized 42oz M&M’s® Peanut down the Candy aisle in Walmart! Save some money on them too as I used this $1 off coupon for the M&M’s®. game-night-in-hasbros-m&ms-kiwi-blog13

Don’t let adulthood suck the fun out of your life and make you feel like you are missing out with your friends. You don’t need kids to have fun either. Look I don’t have kids and I refuse to believe I can’t play a good old board game anymore because I grew out of it. My friends and I had so much fun catching up and being big kids together. I will always be a big kid at heart, it makes life lighter. Game Night Ins will definitely be a monthly thing! I am gonna stock up on more board games too! Oh and those bills you gotta pay this month…pay them with the Monopoly money from that lucrative property you now own. No don’t do that, I was joking but a girl can dream right?

If you are inspired like me to have Game Night In’s check out more game night in ideas from Hasbro® and M&M’s®.

Do you Still Play Board Games As An Adult? When Was the Last Time you had a Grown Up’s Game Night In?



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