HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARY PARENTS! [true story] Thursday 07 March, 2013

Happy Birthday to them! Happy Birthday to them! Happy Birthday Anniversary to my Parents! Happy Birthday to Them! Yes it’s true. My parents are birthday twinsies! Both of them were born on March 7th and have been celebrating their birthdays together for the last 31 years. When they initally started dating, it shocked them both that they both ironically shared the same birthday. It heightened their interest in each other and have been sharing a born day ever since. If that wasn’t enough, they also decided to get married on their birthday to make March 7th a super monumental day for them. Thus the Happy Birthday Anniversary reference.  Doesn’t that sound cute and mushy?

*Fun Fact – My mother, when she was pregnant with me, has a scheduled C-section for my birth for March 7th. Guess who dodge that bullet? Me!

The Birthday Twinsies renewed their vows last year and I am very happy to see their union. I have amazing parents that have shown me that love, patience and genuine spirits can co-exist and make it last. Very inspiring!

My parents were not an upper middle class  from Brooklyn (they are from the Bronx).  The Huxtables were not the only ones who could depict a sense of family values and positivity, although my Dad did still wears Bill Cosby-like sweaters.  My parents were the real life Cliff & Clair Huxtables.

I am grateful to have these two as my parents, not perfect, but perfect for each other. I hope one day I can enjoy and share the love with a great companion similar to my parents (won’t be sharing a birthday with my lover though).  31 years of love and affection and many more celebrations to continue.


Enjoy you guys his & hers birthday and wedding anniversary!

Love your favorite blogger,

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