Have a Dino-Mite Time at Dinosaur Explore in Stone Mountain Park Tuesday 28 March, 2017



Stone Mountain Park just got more historical, or should I say pre-historical! As you all know I love Stone Mountain Park, one of Georgia’s largest themed parks and they have a new attraction : Dinosaur Explore. I did a media preview of the event and brought my 9 year old niece, Jordan.  What was cool, the media day was introduced on her 9th birthday, so this was a birthday outing for her too!


Birthday girl going to the Media Opening of Dinosaur Explore



My 9 year old niece Jordan and I at Dinosaur Explore

I always love coming to Stone Mountain Park, as I said many times on the blog, this place was my first ever job! Working here many moons ago (ok a decade and some change ago) it has changed a lot so everytime I come its like I am visiting for the first time myself. This was Jordan’s first time experiencing Stone Mountain Park as a whole, so it was great to bring in her 9th birthday at an amusement park for her.



Jordan Meets Hattie who is accompanied by a Dino Ranger


Jordan with the Dino Ranger Team


Fun Fact: (Paleolithic Stone Mountain Park ) Stone Mountain was created by an upwelling of magma from the Earth’s crust roughly 300 to 250 million years ago. Dinosaurs arrived later, between 230 and 65 million years ago. Georgia is known to have been the home of several coastal species of dinosaurs.      


The prehistoric creature collection will be located behind the Dinotorium on wooded trails where families will discover giant dinosaurs that move and roar just like their ancient ancestors. The exhibition includes favorites like the king of the dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex and a gentle, plant-eating Brachiosaurus that towers overhead nearly two stories tall. The collection also includes a three-horned Triceratops, a ferocious Allosaurus, a winged Pteranodon and many more.





Photobomb by Hattie





Inside the Dinotorium, guests can interact with dino rangers, learn about different dinosaur habitats, visit the Dino Nursery, feed baby dinosaurs and play games. Kids are invited to join in the learning fun by becoming junior dino rangers.


Jordan made a new little friend at the Dinotarium! So cute


Special Treat for Jordan. The local news interview her and asked her about her experience of the Dino Explore! She was so excited she might get a chance to be on TV!

Jordan hopped on the opportunity to get some TV as they stopped her to ask what she loved about the Dino Explore experience. She said she loved how they moved and that they were so big. She is trying to be an actress so this gave her some airtime practice!

This was so much fun and Jordan said she had an amazing birthday. Spring Break is around the corner for kids in Georgia so this would be perfect for families who need something to do on the break.

Dinosaur Explore opens March 30 for a limited time during 2017, and admission is FREE with any paid daily Adventure Pass or Mountain Membership.

Do you have any Spring Break plans that involve Amusement Parks?

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