:: RECAP:: Iris Van Herpen Fashion Exhibit | Atlanta High Museum of Arts Tuesday 19 April, 2016

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So I gave you all a preview synopsis of Dutch fashion design Iris Van Herpen, and I got a chance to actually see the art exhibit! This exhibit was sensory overload in an amazing ways and Iris Van Herpen’s work came to life with her one-of-a-kind work of fashion technology art!


The theme of the art exhibit presented by Iris is called Transforming Fashion. As you can see, it is definitely a form of fashion that takes a different twist on its materials. Most of the designs are computer generated, making it unique all on its own with that concept as well as capturing your eye with the dimensions.  Iris-Van-Herpen-Atlanta-Exhibit-Transforming-Fashion-Blog-Kiwi-The-Beauty-2



Iris-Van-Herpen-Atlanta-Exhibit-Transforming-Fashion-Blog-Kiwi-The-Beauty-5 Iris-Van-Herpen-Atlanta-Exhibit-Transforming-Fashion-Blog-Kiwi-The-Beauty-6

Iris Van Herpen has a unique sense of style as she has merged the fashion world with technology! Her haute couture garments features some of the world’s first examples of 3D-printed fashion. So many of her designer were designed on a computer first- and then printed out. Amazing I swear I didn’t even know that was possible to have 3-d printed fashion attire. Is this the future of clothes?


Majority of Iris’s collections are inspired by movement. All of the pieces have a form of movement and texture so that when the model wears it, your drawn in by the energy of each piece. Her work is Avant Garde at it’s finest! Iris-Van-Herpen-Atlanta-Exhibit-Transforming-Fashion-Blog-Kiwi-The-Beauty-8 Iris-Van-Herpen-Atlanta-Exhibit-Transforming-Fashion-Blog-Kiwi-The-Beauty-9 Iris-Van-Herpen-Atlanta-Exhibit-Transforming-Fashion-Blog-Kiwi-The-Beauty-10 As you can see in the preview of some of the mannequin models the variety and technique in each attire. Some are used with 3-D printed material and others utilized with everyday materials to create a look. She has a way of blending organic and digital material to create these futuristic concepts. Iris handcrafted all of these items which took several months and even years to create one garment. Every detail was hand structured by her, intricate in her detailing using materials that ranges from metal gauze, cotton, tulle, transparent acrylic sheets, silk, Swarovoski crystals, lacquer leather along with her 3-D printed material and more! In this exhibit you will be able to go to the Sensory Room where you can actually touch and feel some of the garments shown to understand and fell the materials used.


I can say that I was in awe of the entire exhibit. Look at a lot of the pieces can’t you tell Lady Gaga worn a few of them? I am very much into taking art to the next level and this was perfect how both fashion and art mixed beautifully. Fashion + Technology usually doesn’t go together, but with the innovations by Iris Van Herpen I think we can see more of this in the future to come. Imagine being able to print your own clothes and wear them! Going to this exhibit took ahold of my senses and this just made me appreciate how out-of-the-box fashion can be as well as beautiful!

The Iris Van Herpen Transforming Fashion Exhibit will be on display in Atlanta from November 7th, 2015 – May 15th, 2016. Its a must-see gallery if you are in the city!

What do you think of the Transforming Fashion Exhibit? kiwithebeauty-signature1


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