How To Nourish Your Travel Wanderlust Desires Tuesday 13 September, 2016

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Hey Guys as you can see I have been doing a lot of traveling! I have rarely been home over the last month or so, and I am on my way for another travel adventure (I will definitely tell you all about it soon). People say to me all the time, how do I continue to travel like I do?

Yes I am a blogger, I do get perks but I am always seeking my next travel adventure. It doesn’t always come in the form of a blog opportunity or travel trip, I actually do plan my own trips and take them. I kind of always been like this, but people still scratch their head as if it’s impossible to travel. It’s almost like people feel guilty for traveling or can’t seem to get inspired to find the places they want to travel to. Well I did this post to help anyone who is seeking to nourish their next travel adventure. Here are some of my personal motivating travel tips:


Start A Wanderlust List

If you want to travel you have to know where you want to go. Just saying you want to get away isn’t good enough, this is a huge world we live in and lots to explore. Do you want a beach? Do you want culture? What part of the world have you always wanted to visit? I would suggest starting a Wanderlust Bucket List. You can google some spots, ask friends who have been to some cool places on where to travel, or simple research social media (#travel hastags help a lot).

Make a list is a great start on getting your travel wanderlust spirit going!

Have A Travel Journal

I literally just started doing this. I bought this cute travel journal and I want to document my experiences. My thoughts and feelings and maybe place some cute mementos in there. I think having a travel journal is similar to having a real journal, but it moreso how you feel while you are away. This can inspire you before, during or after a trip to read about your emotions on your travel adventures, and it will keep you motivated to take more trips to have more experiences to write about.

Make A Travel Music Playlist

I am starting to do this as well, especially for plan rides and when I am in my hotel room. Music is always a great motivator, so start making a Travel Only music playlist, mostly of upbeat music or even music inspired by the place you visit so it will get you in the mood for your traveling.

Search For Travel Deals or Bundles

Best way to travel is to get a great deal out of it. With technology today, you really do not have to spend a lot of money to travel. You just have to know where to get a great travel deal! They are everywhere! If you are traveling on a budget, try to look 3 or more months in advance to get the best flight deals. The plane ticket is usually what most people worry about, once you get the flight everything else usually falls into place.

Some of my favorite flight deal sites

Connect with Like-minded Travel People

The best way to travel is to talk to travel-minded people. People who love to travel will be one of the best way to get inspired. Connect with your personal travel friends or even people online who travel frequently. Follow their social media and make notes on where they have been and the location they have visited. Likes attract likes, and if you have personal friends who travel, talk about a way you can plan a great trip together. Only with someone who is serious about travel, we all hate travel flakers (I know I do)!

Stop Making Excuses

The number one thing that stops people in their tracts for traveling and fulfilling their wanderlust dreams is excuses! Stop making them. I know there are work obligations, family and financial reason on why many can’t travel the way they want, but with proper planning it is not impossible. So many people talk themselves out of travel wishes all the time, because that is what they are used to. Plan six month to a year in advance if you have to, but just stop telling yourself that you CANT. You can. Tell yourself you will travel, save, research and actually find a place and book it. If you keep saying what you can’t do, then you won’t.

I am not saying everyone has the luxury to travel exactly like me, I have a freelance lifestyle that gives me the opportunity to travel more frequently than other, but this list is for everyone who desires to travel at least once or twice a year. Working or passing up travel opportunities will only have you wanderlusting and sad when you see others do it. I’m actually packing now for my next flight.


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How Do You Nourish Your Travel Wanderlust Desires?

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