OMG I Went to Court…For The Season Two Taping of Paternity Court! Thursday 09 October, 2014

Paternity Court, televised daytime show is back for their second season and it got started with a bang! The first season was filmed in Los Angeles, and they have currently relocated and shot all of the episodes in Atlanta, GA. Since their relocation, I was contacted by their social media team and I was apart of the Paternity Court blogger social team, do social engagements in reference to promoting the new season. I thought was very social forward of them to have a blogger/media outreach program where we did Google Hangouts, Tweet-Ups, and even got to attend live filmings to generate some early buzz around the show.

I’m not sure if you watched the show the first season, but it’s not a “You Are NOT the father” only type of show. This isn’t a show to solely find out the father/paternity of a baby, but of children and even adults. The stories are set in a courtroom, not a stage so you don’t have to worry about booing or over-the-top personalities fighting about the fathering of a child. Judge Lauren Lake, is actual a real judge who do more than reveal the paternity, but counsel both parties involves and brings some clarity and understanding to the situation. She is sincere, kind and she is always seeking a good outcome for the benefit of a person seeking the true paternity of their parent.



LAUREN LAKE’S PATERNITY COURT showed significant gains from its season one premiere, growing 40% year to year over its season one debut and achieved its highest household ratings in series history.   For the week of 9/22, the syndicated courtroom series averaged a 1.19 household rating– up 40% since its 2013 season premiere (1.19 vs. 0.85). The series is also up week to week by 24% (1.19 vs. 0.96)  The series also showed significant gains against its season one premiere among women, increasing 23% among women 18-49; +38% among women 25-54 and +129% among teens.

Snippet of a show that aired this season.



Hi Mom + Dad! I am on Paternity Court!

As stated earlier, I also got a chance to be apart of a taping of Season 2. I’ve been in court before (minor traffic tickets only) but this time I wasn’t awaiting my own trial, I was here for fun! It was really interesting the two separate court cases I observed. I wont go into details about the show, but one of them was really emotional and another one was just a head scratcher. Judge Lauren Lake, although can be a no-nonse type of judge, handled both scenarios like the professional judge that she is and brought peace to each case. That’s what I really like about the show, it’s can start off very rocky but she does promote peace and somewhat of closure and a solution to any situation. It was fun to be in the audience and hopefully you all can see me on the small screen! Below are some fun shots of me on the set!

image image (1) image (2)


Me + Cassandra (social media manager) at Paternity Court taping

With all these reality shows, and even some daytime show that promote the negative, its refreshing to see a show that is encouraging positive solutions. It’s unfortunate for a child to grow up without a father or confused about paternity, but there are ways to showcase the findings in a controlled environment where there is fairness not chaos. I am so happy the show received high ratings since it’s 2nd season premiere and

ABOUT THE SHOW “Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court” is a nationally syndicated 30-minute court show presided over by the sharp-witted and opinionated Lake, who helps real people with real stories resolve legal paternity issues by rendering incisive judgments using DNA evidence. The show offers litigants the chance to resolve their differences and make it through the emotionally charged moment of discovery, while offering heartfelt advice and counseling to help them integrate the outcome into their lives. 

Check your local listing for Paternity Court 2nd season of the daytime courtshow hit every Monday-Friday on the CW. 

Be social with Paternity Court | Twitter: @PaternityCourt | Instagram: @PaternityCourtTV #PaternityCourt

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