Introducing #StaycationInTheCity | PJ Party at Crown Plaza Atlanta Midtown Wednesday 11 February, 2015


I want to kick off this year with a new series I created for the blog called #StaycationInTheCity. I live in Atlanta,Ga – and all though you all see me out and about having a good time, I know my readers would like to know where exactly are some good attractions, restaurants, entertainment and hotels for maybe out-of-towners or even people who live in town! Many of us take for granted the little gems we have in our very own city, we are always seeking a designation out somewhere else (which by the way you should) but that takes a lot of pre-planning and financial preparation. Sometimes you can have your own vacation literally in your own backyard.

#StaycationInTheCity idea stemmed from me feeling like I do always want a vacation out somewhere else. If I could jetset for the entire year I would, but realistically at this moment I will not be doing so. I plan on traveling a lot more this year, but inbetween travels why not explore my own city? Why not really do some true research and be the go-to girl of Atlanta and find new and exciting places to visit. Atlanta is a place where there are several things to do and so many just have to go out there and try them! Places like Yelp and other review site can help you determine where to go with good ratings, but you all know me I am very visual and detailed. I want my blog to be a place that expands outside a standard written review and showcase an experience.

I am going to curate throughout this year Attraction/Entertainment/Dining + Hotel Stays so that someone will be inspired to have a staycation of their own in Atlanta or have a place to share with out-of-towners. The first place I will be reviewing is Crown Plaza Atlanta Midtown, where I had my PJ birthday celebration – suite style!



crowne-plaza-atlanta-midtown-hotel-review2 I did end up getting a suite this weekend for my party at Crowne Plaza Atlanta Midtown. This hotel, formerly known as the Melia Hotel, is right in the heart of midtown surrounding many of Atlanta’s hot spots! The hotel is going through some renovations but I really couldn’t tell. I will say I was very impressed with my Executive Suite Room that was more than enough space for all of my 15+ guest in pjs! It was two separate rooms and 2 bathrooms that was very accommodating and spacious. One room was of course the bedroom with the Queen sized bed as you see pictured and the other was the living room area. Both rooms had balconys that gave a clear view of the city skyline on the 20th floor, as well as both rooms were equipt with flatscreen plasma televisions. The hotel also has a perk of free wi-fi at no additional charge so that was an added bonus of staying at this location. Check out more picture below of the hotel.


The relaxing Queen Sized Bed (Hello Kitty pillow not included)


A Keurig with k-cups in the room! YAY!


The Living Room area


We actually set up the living room area for the food.


Cupcakes from Cami Cakes and personalize toppers by me for the Beyonce inspired #PrettyInPJsParty #2711 #HappyBirthdaytoKiwi #KiwiBrithdayOnFleek


More Cami Cakes Sweet Potato Pie Flavor Yum!




Look how cute we are in our PJS!




Cheers to my first #StaycationInTheCity

My friends and I had a super ball! They all came dressed in their comfy and cute pjs and of course they loved the room! We all sat around either on the bed, room chairs or just plopped on the floor to chat and have girl time! It was so fun! I had this theme because every year for my birthday since being in my 20s…every last one of them I ended up at a club or lounge and got all dressy. I do not like clubs/lounges like I used to and I just wanted my friends to hang out without having to be in a loud and obnoxious enviroment. The Beyonce 7-11 video inspired themed was perfect for me as I got to enjoy my friends and of course have a staycation at the same time! Relaxing and Fun! My friends are the best too! No they didn’t all stay in the hotel, only three of them did but we all had fun together as if it was a huge adult girly sleepover!


No hotel/slumber party is complete without jumping on the bed


I have an obsession with balloons. Hey its my bday why not?!


My room had a beautiful view of the ATL skyline and it was beautifully lit up at nighttime!


Next Morning of the PJ Aftermath!

Overall I had an amazing time. It was just so nice to get away and be in the city and relax and be with friends. That was an amazing birthday experience and I would love to come back to the Crown Plaza Atlanta Midtown. Hopefully I can have another #StaycationInTheCity when the renovations are completed and I can enjoy the full experience at it’s highest potential after it’s done. I was sad to check out, it was only for one night but it just let me know I need to definitely have more staycations in the city! I will ::wink wink::

Check out the rest of my party pictures via hashtag #PrettyInPJsParty


Address: 590 West Peachtree Street Nw, Atlanta, GA 30308

Phone:(404) 877-9000

Website: Book a Room!

When Was The Last Time You Had a Staycation in Your Town?


About the Blogger - Kiwi the Beauty

Kiwi is the free spirited blogger and content creator of As a digital influencer, she produces creative inspiration around beauty, lifestyle, media and travel leisure. Her life mantra is to make manifesting fun! When she’s not blogging, she is eating trendy hipster food, carrying crystals, making it rain at her local farmer's market and binge brunching. Follow her on her blog and social media at + @kiwithebeauty

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  • I’ve actually had a staycation here in Sparks, Nevada. I’ve gone to casino hotel and it was wonderful. I’m actually thinking of doing it soon! It looks like everyone had a blast! I love that hello kitty pillow and the room looks beautiful.

  • Debbie L. says:

    A great way to spend the weekend and have fun! The Staycation is such a fun idea!

  • Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    OMG, it sounds like you ladies had a BLAST! What a fun idea!

  • Angela says:

    Wow! This looks like SO much fun! I love staycation ideas, what a fun birthday to spend time in a hotel with girlfriends, I love it!5

  • Ashley says:

    This looks like SO much fun, and what a great looking suite Years ago, when my best friend and I were both single moms, we used to round up our stuff and get a hotel for the night two towns over- just to get away for the night and be able to breathe lol! Our 30th’s are coming up this year and I think a staycation in NYC would be an absolutely incredible way to celebrate! Thanks so much for sharing this, you’ve definitely inspired me to give it a try 😉

  • Sarah says:

    This looked like a blast!! What a great idea. I love to travel and am always looking at other cities.. I guess I never thought to look in my own city for a getaway weekend!

  • Adanna says:

    This looks like soo much fun, I would love to do this with my girls. I can just hear that Beyoncé song playing while you jump on the bed LOL I’ve never done a staycation in my city but I always think about it. I think it’s a really fun and cool idea. Looks like a nice hotel.

  • Donna says:

    I love this idea! I think I need to do it for my city… we’re always going places when there is so much to do right here. Thanks for the idea! As for Atlanta — I’ve never been! But can’t wait to come visit your city and will check with the Crown Plaza for a place to stay!

  • Debra says:

    Looks like you all had a blast. What a great idea – staycation with the girls! Love Hello Kitty too!

  • What an absolute fun time! Happy Birthday girl! It looked like you and your guest enjoyed yourselves!

  • Dawn says:

    This looks like a super fun party to just sick back and relax with the girls! I love your pajamas!

  • Demetra says:

    I haven’t done a staycation in years, your party looks like so much fun. This post is right on time because I’m in the process of planning a staycation in Atlanta in May for my birthday. The Food and Wine festival will be in town and I don’t want to drive back OTP each.

  • Liz Mays says:

    That party looked like so much fun. PJ parties are the best! Happy Birthday by the way!

  • Pam says:

    I love staycations! They’re such a great way to get to know your city.

  • tammileetips says:

    Oh I love this birthday party idea!! Staycations are one of my favorite to do its always fun to see new parts of your city you may not see all that often. Love that they hotel has a Keurig in your room!!

  • aimee fauci says:

    A few months ago we stayed down town and it was so much fun! You look like you had a great time..

  • Debbie Denny says:

    Oh my goodness. What a blast. Tons of fun

  • Jeanine says:

    Wow now this looks like my kind of fun! How awesome
    What a fun experience!

  • Happy Birthday! You look great and I love the Hello Kitty pj’s. It looks like you all had an amazing staycation! I haven’t had one in a while, but you have inspired me!

  • deb says:

    Love the idea of a staycation. I had a staycation in October…so much fun! Looks like everyone had a great time.

  • Tracie says:

    This is such a great idea! I need more slumber parties in my life. And more Hello Kitty.

    Happy birthday!

  • Courtney says:

    Omg looks like y’all had a beyond fabulous time!!! But seriously how could you not at the crown plaza?!? Such a great hotel!!! I need to plan a staycation for me and my girlies now that I see this hehehe 😉

  • Natalie says:

    Looks like you ladies had a lot of fun! I’m loving the hello kitty pjs so awesome! Being able to get together with a group of friends is always amazing! All of the food looks great too.

  • I bet this was such fun. I cannot remember the last time I stayed in a hotel, it was definitely before the kids lol..I love this idea though, I could so use a girls night out right about now.

  • Christie says:

    I totally want a Pjs staycation with my girl friends now! I love exploring our own city, so fun!

  • Stephanie C. says:

    This is such a fun idea for a girls night in – easy, inexpensive and close to home. I am close to NYC, so this is something I could definitely do with my friends. Thanks for the idea.

  • Rosey says:

    How lucky! That sounds like fun. I do like a good staycation every now and again.

  • Melissa says:

    I love staycations! It looks like you had an amazing time!

  • Jess Weaver says:

    Looks like you gals had a fabulous staycation. I should get a group of ladies together and do this in my town.

  • I love staycations! I did them more so when I lived in South Florida. Now that I’m in Orlando for the last few months I haven’t done one. It would be nice to do one to get to know my new surroundings but we’ll see.

    It looks like you ladies had an amazing time. I need to do a fun slumber party soon! I’m so happy you had such an amazing birthday – you looked beautiful as always 🙂

  • Ora Lee Gurr says:

    I like the phrase “staycation in the city”! What a fantastic time you all had at the Crowne Plaza. Belated Happy Birthday.

  • Angela says:

    It looks like you had a blast! I live a couple of hours from Atlanta and we visit on weekends often. There is so much to do!

  • This looks like so much fun. Me and my family had a stay cation in downtown Chicago just a few months ago

  • Ugh… I want to join in on the fun! Haha. This looks like it was a blast! I love relaxing in my PJ’s and just enjoying the night. It looks like you all had a great time. Such beautiful ladies with amazing smiles. I know this is a night you will always remember! Thank you for sharing your fun with us! =D

  • melisasource says:

    Oh wow this looks and sounds like it was so much fun! Makes me wish I was there!

  • When I was younger, my dad loved having staycations in the city but for me it was always so boring that it really didn’t make a different if we stayed at home or not. Now that I live abroad, every vacation has been a staycation for me since there is SO much to do and see in Seoul. This pj party looked super fun! Maybe if I gather my girls and have a big girl pj party it might make my hometown a little more exciting. Great post!

  • Girl you lucky I wasn’t visiting my Auntie in Hotlanta, or I would have crashed that party! Hello Kitty is my jam!

  • I absolutely love Atlanta. I think everyone should visit at least once. There’s a reason they call it Hotlanta.

  • Bobbie says:

    Kiwi….It look like you had a ball, girlie. Its never a dull moment when we are with our girls. 🙂

  • This reminds me of the staycation I did with 13 of my girlfriends in 2013. We did a hotel suite in Baltimore, had a chef friend deliver a 3 course meal for us, and then had my photographer friend do a photoshoot for us. Best.time.EVER. This is such a great idea, something I’ve been meaning to do for some time (explore my own city of DC and surrounding areas).

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