Looking Fashionable and Staying Comfortable on Long-Haul Flights Friday 26 August, 2022

Long-distance air travel should be a comfortable experience. But many of us also want to look our best when traveling. Given the unforgiving nature of most high fashion attire, the two have a way of colliding.

While there’s nothing wrong with rocking sweatpants and flip-flops for the duration of your long-distance flight, there are other ways to dress comfortably without suspending your sense of style. The following are six ways to look fashionable while staying comfortable on long-haul flights:

Learn to layer

Most long-distance travel plans involve significant temperature changes. You can try to dress for them all with one straightforward outfit approach, or you can learn to layer. By wearing layers, travelers can easily transition from the chilliness of home to the humidity of their destination or vice versa. When it comes to long flights, start with a base layer of designer men’s or womens loungewear and go from there. If the destination is colder than the point of origin, keep a stylish sweater, hat, and gloves in your carry-on luggage. An extra pair of socks may also help you get easily acclimated to colder temperatures upon arrival.

Skip the heels

Unless you’re traveling for business or determined to dress for success every day, there’s no reason to wear formal footwear when traveling. For one thing, it makes it harder to get through airport security. There’s also the fact that heels and other fancy dress shoes aren’t very comfortable. Do yourself a favor and wear stylish slip-on sneakers when traveling. Even business travelers can get away with wearing formal-looking black or brown flats and slip-ons instead of tight-fitting heels and oxfords.

Mix and match

What counts as fashion in one city or country may not fly in another. Those concerned with looking their best from one place to another without compromising on comfort should consider the mix-and-match approach. When layering, hedge your bets on two opposite-style statement pieces, keeping one concealed by additional clothing depending on where you are. In superhero fashion, take off the outer layer to reveal a more relevant look upon arrival.

Do a trial run at home

Most folks look forward to an upcoming trip for months. That gives you plenty of time to try different outfits in order to find the best combination of comfort and style. Go the extra mile by doing your best to replicate the experience of traveling thousands of miles in those clothes; spend a Saturday mostly on the couch and loafing around your home while wearing a particular combination of clothes. Get a sense of how it feels to wear that outfit for hours on end in a cramped setting like an airplane. Gauge your ability to seamlessly shed layers or add them on as needed. Doing so will help ensure what you wear is comfortable while also fashionable.

Go light on jewelry

Bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are great finishing touches to any outstanding outfit. But when it comes to staying comfortable during long-distance flights, jewelry poses several potential hazards. Earrings can snag on headrests, necklaces can dig into skin, and bracelets are just one more thing to take off when going through security. Unless there’s a sentimental or religious reason for keeping jewelry on during long-haul flights, consider packing them away or leaving them at home. If accessories are a must for your sense of style, consider using sunglasses and smartwatches as functional substitutes.

Avoid tight fits

There was a time when airport security liked to single out anybody wearing baggy clothes. But recent innovations in body scanning technology mean airport security personnel are under less pressure to probe those sporting loose-fitting garments. With this in mind, skip the tight shirts and pants. Between the tight squeeze afforded to the average airline passenger to the tendency for temperatures to change drastically, you don’t want to be stuck for hours wearing a stuffy, uncomfortable outfit. Given the fashion-forward nature of streetwear style, go for loose fit options when flying long distances.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look our best. But when settling down for a long-haul flight across the country or across the globe, the last thing anyone wants is to be uncomfortable. Fortunately, there’s a way to balance the two. In doing so, we get to look great and feel great at the same time.

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