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Meet Avery Wilson. You may have heard this cutie on the radio but haven’t put a face to the song, or maybe he looks vaguely familar. Avery Wilson is the young up & coming R&B singer who got his start on the social media app, Vine, where he would sing various pop songs that got him national attention. He has came a long way from Vine – actually he is has went drastically from Vine to Shine as he is now signed to record label RCA Records.

Check out some of the Vine video he made before he got signed to a major label. Pure Talent.


Meet & Greet Moderation by Rea Davis & Sean Garrett for R&B crooner Avery Wilson

I attended an exclusive meet – n – greet in Atlanta for Avery Wilson, hosted by Sean “The Pen” Garrett, with a moderated Q & A session from journalist Rea Davis. Ever since his national debut on NBC’s “The Voice” music’s hottest rising new male star Avery Wilson has rapidly become a household name and a fan favorite. His unparalleled vocal talents rival in comparison to some of today’s hottest stars, making him one of the most sought after musicians on the rise.



Sean Garrett “The Pen” who is known for writing some of your favorite songs in the industry, has taken Avery Wilson under his wing to make sure he will be a household name real soon. As Sean’s protege, he talks very passionately about Avery Wilson and the state of music today. He said he is investing time and energy on Avery, because he sees the glow and superstar brand potential that he possess with his vocal musical instrument. He wants Avery to bring a new flair to the industry, where currently the state of R&B is under distress with it merging more and more with Hip Hop. The R in R&B almost is starting to stand for “ratchet” because instead of singing to women, current R&B stars are singing against women and love. Music is starting to go in another direction of trap overall repetitiveness where the talent is not shining in the music anymore. Sean wants to bring the talent and magic back to R&B with Avery Wilson.


At 20 years old (yes he is very young), he has already accomplished a lot. From singing songs to his phone forming an online fanbase, Avery proves social media is one of the biggest platforms to use for success and mass discovery with your passion. His passion has manifested into dream come true realities, being on The Voice and now an artist on RCA records look what has transpired within a short amount of time! He is a testament that if you are consistent and truly talent, you can get discovered publicly — and become a star! He had a big fanbase just with his social media influence alone…he is the new wave of celebrity discovery in this modern age!


Click this picture to hear the song!

On his latest release Change My Mind, Avery teamed up with Atlanta hip hop powerhouse The Migos and the results are a collaborative effort that’s going to climb unapologetically to the top of the charts and translates into millions of downloads in the digital world.


Avery + Me (he is surprisingly tall – 6’4).


From Vine to Shine, Avery Wilson is up next! He is definitely a star, and we will be hearing more music and see him in action thriving in the near future! Learn more about Avery Wilson at

Are You a Fan of R&B? Do you think the Industry Needs New R&B talent again?

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