Plan Your Next Atlanta Night Out: Nobody Loves You Musical at The Horizon Theatre Wednesday 05 April, 2017

Atlanta is a thriving city with so many things to do, so much it’s hard to narrow down exactly what to do in the city to have fun! Yes you can go out to plenty of restaurants, bar and even some of the local attractions, but when was the last time you went to play? Move over The Bachelor, Horizon Theatre has the perfect fun night event in Atlanta! See Nobody Loves You with your main squeeze or bestie and join the hilarity of reality dating gone wrong. Its a funny little spoof of a musical inspired by reality tv dating shows! We all know how crazy these dating shows can be to try to find their soulmate on national tv with only a few weeks to narrow down who is their true love.

Honestly over the years I got over those type of shows. They are absolutely ridiculous. So ridiculous I almost signed up to be on a show myself. Heard of the reality show Married At First Sight? Yes two years ago I actually auditioned! I was even on the audition episode for selecting the people who would be matched for love. I will talk about that on another blog and go into detail, but moral of the story, yes even I was about to fall for the trap of finding love on a reality show! By going to see Nobody Loves You, it made me think about my time on reality tv and watching other shows because clearly if you have to go on a reality show – maybe one did come to terms that ‘nobody loves you’ enough so why not try reality tv right?

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The awesome set of Nobody Loves You. It was so cute and gave a creative feel on a mock reality show dating competition set. It reminds me of a homage to the Love Connection dating show set from the 80s and 90s!


Meet Jeff: The Cynic of Nobody Loves You Musical

About Nobody Loves YouThe game of love is on! Tune into “Nobody Loves You,” the show in which cluelessly self-obsessed contestants compete for love and adoring fans. When Jeff, a philosophy grad student, snags a spot on this reality dating show in trying to win back his ex, he breaks all the rules and attempts to expose its “authenticity.” That is until he unexpectedly falls into an onset love connection with Jenny, an enticingly prickly producer. Take a behind-the-scenes ride through this hilarious musical comedy about the intimate and gut-wrenching quest for love while millions of viewers watch.


chris dom girl sam

These characters are so cliche and I am sure you have seen these same type of characters casted on numerous dating reality shows. When you see the play you can see them in action and see who hooks up with who! It was pretty funny to see them play these stereotypical single people and how being on the show enhanced their crazy personalities.


My thought: Wow I thought this was the cutest and funniest stageplay I have seen! Everyone knows Atlanta is becoming the home of reality tv shows (how dreadful) but it give spoofs and satire to modern dating reality shows that we all need to see. These reality dating shows can be obnoxious, predictable and just plan overkill for the quest to find love in the most outrageous ways. The stageplay is a fun musical that shows the exaggeration (or maybe just a real depiction) of these shows and the lengths people we go to just to find “love” or just to have some shallow fame on these shows. Jeff character is the main voice of reason of gets trapped on this show but goal is to expose how phony the show can be.


I really laughed so hard, the musical add to the madness but it was really creatively done and it was an awesome night out in Atlanta. I didn’t go with a date, but I brought my good friend Alicia to watch this play with me. This is good for a date night or girls night out on the town!


I loved how after the show, people could mingle and take photos with the cast of ‘Nobody Loves You‘ on the set! I thanked everyone personally as I really appreciated the show but most importantly the work they put on to entertain us. Sometimes reality tv is leading people into the wrong direction of entertainment that people forget the value and satisfaction of a live stage-play! If you are in Atlanta and are looking for a way to get out the house and do something fun and entertaining in the city, I highly recommend going to see Nobody Loves You!

Plan you next Atlanta night out to see the musical of Nobody Loves You, and bring someone you actual love! Oh and if you really think Nobody Loves You, let me be the first to say I love you!

Nobody Loves You, the off-Broadway hit being staged in Atlanta for the very first time, runs through April 30 at the Horizon Theatre in Inman Park. Tickets start as low as $25 (plus sales tax) and are on sale now.

Nobody Loves You runs 1 hour and 45 minutes plus an intermission.

What Are Your Thoughts on Modern Dating Reality Show Competitions?

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