This is part 3 to my Why Did I Go Natural Social Spotlight series featuring  Bernetta (aka. BernettaStyle).  If you missed my initial posting on the series please review here as to how I caught up with 7 bloggers & myself to reveal why we all went natural with our hair process.


1. Name
Bernetta Knighten
2. City,State
Atlanta, GA
3. Blog Website
4. Years Natural?
Last relaxer Feb 2007
5. Why Did You Go Natural?
I used to look at many women 40 and up who had relaxed their hair since they were young. Their hair was thin and many times you could see their scalp. I wanted a head full of healthy, thick hair. And I didn’t want that for my future. I wanted to embrace my natural texture because I never knew what it really looked like or felt like. Now 5 years later, I can’t ever see myself giving myself a relaxer. My hair is exactly the way I always wanted it to be, in addition to the versitility of being able to wear it straight, curly, twisted, bantu knots and more.
6. What is your signature hair style?
Bantu Knots. I love to do those because they give a deep wave look like no other natural style. When I wear them I always hear, “How did you do that?” I was natural 4 years before I knew about Bantu Knots but when I finally learned about them, I realized this was always the look I was trying to go for.
7. What are some pros/cons to being natural?
Pros- Versitilty. You can do so many styles and achieve so many different looks with your own hair. Rain doesn’t bother me anymore! Being natural caused me to look more at ingredients at what I am putting in my body in addition to my hair. I think I am all around more healthier because of it.
Cons- Humidity and more humidity! Living in Georgia if you like to wear your hair straight, it will be hard to do that from May-September! Also, many style last 2 to 3 days max.
8. What are your favorite products to use in your hair?
I use a Shea butter, different oils &  She Moisture products mostly. But I have a slew of samples from many different companies that I use as well.
9. Do you think “going natural” is a trend or it’s here to stay?
I think going natural is a here to stay. I believe that because when most women go natural it changes them mentally. Most women start to look at many things different health wise. It starts with the hair and then trickles down to the body and then to the family.
10. What is a tip you can give to women who are considering going natural?
Make sure you are mentally up to the challenge. The first year of transition is the hardest. Do not give up or in. Find you a great stylst that will help you through the transition. Remember it’s all about moisture. Keep your hair moisturized, take care of your ends and learn the importance of how to retain length.

Thanks Bernetta aka Bernetta Style for participating in my Why Did I Go Natural Photo Series.(check out behind the scenes of this shoot on instagram hashtag #KiwiBlogCollab).

Special Thanks to ABurns Photography  &  Salon Aamona for the photos & venue!

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Stayed Tuned for the next “Why Did I Go Natural” Blogger – Kerrie.

P.S.  I actually met Ms.Bernetta for the 1st time on my “Why Did I go Natural” set and she revealed to me she was 5 months preggers at the time. So the entire time she was pregnant, she did not know what she was having until she had her Gender Reveal Baby Shower on Jan 5th.


Congrats Ms. Bernetta Style! I can’t wait to meet the little boy cutie! Pictures below from the Gender Reveal Baby Shower.

Bottom right photo ( Blogging Buddies: Rochelle, Bernetta & me).

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