Social Spotlight : Why Did Tarika Go Natural Friday 10 May, 2013

Social Spotlight: Why Did Tarika Go Natural?

This is part 6 to my Why Did I Go Natural Social Spotlight series featuring Ericka (aka.Swarthy Daisy). If you missed my initial posting on the series please review here as to how I caught up with 7 bloggers & myself to reveal why we all went natural with our hair process.


Why Did Tarika Go Natural

1. Name Tarika Sullivan White

2. City,State Atlanta, GA

3. Blog

4. Years Natural? Fours years

5. Why Did You Go Natural?  I decided to return to natural after moving to Georgia and discovering that my hair was limp and dull. Natural hair was something I wanted to try for a while, but I succumbed to the relaxer in previous efforts. When I moved to the Atlanta area, I found a great, albeit expensive, stylist located in Sandy Springs. Unfortunately, I lived in Stockbridge at the time and would make a two-hour long commute (fighting Friday’s rush hour traffic after work) to sit in his chair. The commute time and price frustrated me and I decided to attempt the natural journey once again.

6. What is your signature hair style? My signature style is a Wash ‘n Go because it’s so convenient  However, I’ve been wearing twist-outs more frequently.

7. What are some pros/cons to being natural? Natural hair is extremely versatile. When I relaxed my hair, I wrapped it before bed then unwrapped it in the morning. I wore the same straight-haired style every day. That can be a bit boring. With natural hair, I can try just about anything including curly ‘fros, twist-outs, the wash ‘n go, blow-outs, or a press. There’s no limit to what I can achieve.

8. What are your favorite products to use in your hair? I’ve sampled just about every product line on the market. Sometimes products will work today and not tomorrow. For deep conditioning, though, I’ve enjoyed using Miss Jessie’s Super Sweetback Treatment under Huetiful’s hair steamer. As a moisturizer, I whip Shea butter with a variety of oils (olive, coconut, grapeseed, jojoba, castor, etc.). This concoction works well to combat dryness.

9. Do you think “going natural” is a trend or it’s here to stay?  Women have worn their hair in its natural form for centuries, so I can’t say that natural hair is a trend. There are women who have attempted natural hair styles only to find it frustrating, subsequently returning to the relaxer. However, I believe that women will consider the benefits of chemical-free products along with versatile hair styles before returning to the toxic lye common in perms and relaxers.

10. What is a tip you can give to women who are considering going natural? Women approach me everyday about going natural and I share with them my wonderful experience. One piece of advice that I always offer: YOU set your own standard of beauty. Embrace it.


Thanks Tarika aka Pursuit of Nappiness for participating in my Why Did I Go Natural Photo Series. (check out behind the scenes of this shoot on instagram hashtag #KiwiBlogCollab).

Special Thanks to ABurns Photography  &  Salon Aamona for the photos & venue!

Find Ericka (

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Stayed Tuned for the next “Why Did I Go Natural” Blogger – Bobbi.

Love, Grace & Kissy Face

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