The Cure for the Common Hangry #WhenImHungry Tuesday 31 March, 2015

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I love food. I really do. I am a super foodie, and I know I look small but I can eat! I am pretty greedy too, I want seconds and I am always snacking and what not. I am also a really nice person like always bubbly and cheery until there is a lack of food. I can go from a sweet kiwi to a lemon really quick ok! Its not cute or pretty…I am admitting it but I am not me when I am hungry. As a matter of fact I don’t just get hungry, I get HANGRY! That’s right hangry (hunger +angry). I don’t mean to but blame my stomach and not my brain. Below is a description of what it is to be hangry. 
Hangry hangry (1)

So you understand me being hangry makes me go zero to 100 real quick! I really do not mean to…but it happens. I run around a lot, going to event to events and as lavish as you all think I live that life – some of these events don’t feed you properly. Sometimes it is a really nice event with plenty of food, other times it can be champagne and cupcakes (horrible event coordinators). So if I happen to go to an event and I leave early…its probably because I am getting hangry! FEED THE BLOGGERS (lol).

But recently I found a cure…I want to share a simple sweet cure for the hangries if it sneaks up on you!  when-im-hungry-snickers-almond-blog-hangry

A SNICKERS® is a cure for the common hungry hangry for me! I just discovered these new SNICKERS® Almond and I am pretty addicted! I am a mega chocolate lover too and this really helps soothe my hunger and add to my chocolate craving! snickers-when-im-hungry-snickers-almond-blog-collective-bias

I found my SNICKERS® Almond bars in the front of the register at CVS. I am so happy it was in the front, easy access because when you are hangry, you want to be in and out! Little tidbit* So while I was buying these, no lie, I bought the last 4! That’s right I took all of the SNICKERS® they had left! If they had more I would of bought more (Hangry Hangry Kiwi) tee-hee.

You know what else I do when I am hungry? I make food concoctions! I remix my food and add things to other stuff I like and marry them together! See when I am hangry I get crafty with my food! Below are two different ways I experimented with the new SNICKERS® almond bars!

It’s ice cream season and I did add this to my favorite ice cream. So easy just slice the SNICKERS® into chunks and mix them in your ice cream! Voila! Fishing out the chocolate chunks in my fav! when-im-hungry-snickers-kiwi-the-beauty-2

Not in an ice cream mood but still craving a sweet cold treat? Put your SNICKERS® in the freezer and freeze it! My mom used to do this with other chocolate and now I have a habit of freezing my SNICKERS®! Its so good a different texture!

See more great SNICKERS® recipes and fun stories on the SNICKERS® social hub


 Enter the  SNICKERS® “Who are you when you’re hungry?” contest

Look this little candy bar may not be a full course meal, but trust me this helps curb that HANGRY pain. It will hold you until you can get you a full meal, or it helps when you have a sudden sweet tooth. Stashing these SNICKERS® Almonds in my purse and glove compartment…might even start carrying some frozen ones too! Oh and the new SNICKERS® peanut butter squared are pretty great too!

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOUR HANGRY? kiwithebeauty-signature1


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