Where to Get The Best Bloody Mary in Charleston : The Darling Oyster Bar Friday 24 May, 2019

Charleston is one big foodie city that is waiting to be discovered. I want to talk about my second visit to The Darling Oyster Bar which is in the heart of downtown Charleston. On this particular trip I can during the time between lunch and dinner, which is where you can select from their raw bar menu, but I came here specifically to try one of the best Bloody Mary’s in Charleston!

If you want to get an idea of what to order for dinner and drinks, click the photo for the Dinner review.

So as stated earlier I came here during Raw Bar Hours, which is the time after brunch/lunch and before dinner. A time where you can order all of the sea food selections that you can shuck or crack open! One of the main reasons why I was specifically excited to visit Charleston again was to get their signature jumbo Bloody Mary called “The Captain”.

The Captain* Signature Bloody Mary – Made with garnishes of celery, king crab leg, shrimp cocktail, hushpuppy and the main attraction of a Lobster Claw with bloody mary mix

I see why this Bloody Mary is called “The Captain” because this drink won’t steer you wrong! If you are a fan of Bloody Mary’s, cannot leave Charleston without indulging in this bad boy! Just look at this seafood heaven in a cup! The presentation is beautiful and the drink taste as good as it looks.

Just look at that beautiful lobster claw! This drink isnt just a drink, this Bloody Mary is an experience. I enjoyed eating this drink just as much as I did drinking this! Top notch!

I accidentally matched my tee to my drink!

SEAFOOD PLATEAU* – This mega raw bar platter consist of craw legs, shrimp cocktail, lobster, clams and oysters to be shared.

So since I got here between brunch and dinner, I didn’t want to just come here for the drink (although you totally could), so I had to try something from The Darling Raw Bar! I order this massive seafood plateau. It is basically everything they served in the raw bar served on platters and chilled. Delicious and this is definitely meant to be shared with a small party! Seafood galore!

I highly recommend you stop by The Darling Oyster Bar and try their amazing Bloody Mary. Yes I did coin “The Captain” the Best Bloody Mary in Charleston. Come for the lobster claw in the drink, stay for a seafood feast!

Learn more about The Darling Oyster Bar and check out their menu at thedarling.com

What do you think about This Bloody Mary?

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