Where to Eat in Charleston: The Darling Oyster Bar Wednesday 15 August, 2018

So visiting Charleston for the first time there is a plethora of charming places. The Darling Oyster Bar was one of my favorites. It is a cute seafood place that is literally “darling” with a modern flair to your ordinary oyster spot. My friend Saskia and I got dressed up for this place and had a wonderful dinner!

Blending classical preparations and exciting new flavors, The Darling pays careful attention to local ingredients and sustainability.

I will say before I even tasted the food, I feel in love with the decor. It was like a modern living dollhouse for mermaids. It was very nautical and decorated in my favorite colors of navy blue and aquamarine. The ambiance is very chic and sophisticated for a seafood place. Housed in a lovingly restored, 115-year-old storefront, we strive for “instant classic” status. Grab a stool at the 14-seat raw bar fronting bustling King Street. Settle into a table full of deliciousness. Or perch beside the full-service bar.

Everything about this place is so “darling”

My friend Sas was a darling eating at The Darling!

LONDON FOG – Gin, Lavender, Lemon, Lavender Bitters

PERFECT STORM – Gosling Black Rum, Ginger Beer, Lime, Jalapeño

FRIED CLAM STRIPS – Cabbage, Cilantro, Carrots, Sweet Chili, Avocado Mayo

King Crab Legs

LOBSTER & KING CRAB ROLL – Split-Top Bun, Scallion, Mayo (side: Kale Slaw)

OATMEAL COOKIE BLONDIE – Coconut Ice Cream, Dates, Caramel

The food was absolutely amazing. I couldnt get enough of the fresh seafood option. I love this place it is so my style. I am so excited about this place I want to make a trip back here because I also heard their brunch was amazing! They have this stellar Bloody Mary that has an actual lobster tail and crab claw in it. I will be try that!

Would you like to dine at The Darling?

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