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Atlantic Station is one of my favorite place in Midtown Atlanta, and I was reached out to do a food review at Cheesecake Bistro by Copeland’s recently. Cheesecake Bistro has been there since the beginning of the Atlantic Station inception, so its a classic place to eat and was happy to do a review. This is a New Orleans inspired spot, the lovechild to the original Copeland’s which extends it chain to cajun inspired food and of course cheesecake! Where-To-Eat-Atlanta-Cheesecake-Bistro-Food-Review

The brand actually reached out to me on Instagram because I previous went to a brunch and tagged them with a photo of my chicken and waffles (which was awesome) and they liked it! See all of my food reviews aren’t always by new restaurants, they are from some that I am already familiar with, but menus are always changing and always down to try new food! So lets get into what new items I got to try at Cheesecake Bistro…oh and if you are curious before you read on…yes it’s like a similar named food chain (but not the same) where it’s actual food to order, but of course an array of cheesecake flavors to order for dessert.


BBQ Shrimp & Crispy Grits Cake – Grits, fried crispy, BBQ shrimp sauce, sautéed shrimp, spicy bacon, sweet corn and green onions.

This was the first item I ordered to eat as it was recommended because its one of their newer appetizers. It’s very innovative as I never had anything like this before. I know most people have tried shrimp and grits, but this was like a grits filled treat. Definitely New Orleans styled, loved the combo flavors of the BBQ shrimp sauce with the shrimp topped on it. The sweet corn was a good added touch. When I tell you all this was amazing, I was disappointed the portion was just starter sized, in which I was informed they want to test in the future to make this an actual entree. Look I am all for it, so if you get this – please tell them you would love to see this as an actual meal. It would be worth it!


BBQ Shrimp & Crispy Grits Cake – inside filled with grits! Amazing


Red Wine Sangria

You all know I love my Sangrias. This is just what I personally ordered because I am a huge Sangria girl, but Cheesecake Bistro have an array of cocktails and martinis to choose from.  One of my favorites that I have gotten here several times is called a Crash & Burn which is a big goblet drink meant to share for two! Trust me you will not be able to drink it yourself. You will literally crash and burn if you do. 


Panéed Chicken Over Crawfish Linguine – Parmesan crusted chicken breast, linguine, spicy crawfish cream sauce.

For my main meal I tried this because I am a huge crawfish fan. I usually get the Crawfish Ravioli here but I wanted to try something different. This was delicious, a great serving of linguine and gives you a real authentic Creole flavor. They werent stingy with the crawfish either. Crawfish dishes are hard to come by in Atlanta to be honest, but this did the trick and gave me a taste of Bourbon St.


An original Cheesecake Bistro cheesecake topped as a Banana Foster (bananas and vanilla ice cream, with a sauce made from butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, dark rum, and banana liqueur)

The moment you all been waiting for. How are their cheesecakes?? Well they don’t call this place Cheesecake Bistro for nothing and they definitely lived up to the hype of their name. Now this Banana Foster cheesecake I will be honest was not order by me, but by my friend. I do not like bananas at all…but the waitress highly recommended for my guest. Now I did sample it, and I will say that the Banana Foster sauce was delicious and only tasted a slight hint of banana. It was very rich and it was a great blend to dive into with the cheesecake. Amazing…if I was a banana girl I would get this…but my guest devoured this!


Red Velvet Cheesecake

I got a fan favorite, good old Red Velvet cheesecake. Red velvet cake is great alone but in this cheesecake form…this was literally made from heaven. I would come here over and over and over just for this alone. It is an incredible flavor of cheesecake and red velvet cake blended perfectly. It would be hard for me to order another cheesecake flavor…so if you are indecisive of which cheesecake flavor to pick…this one! I promise you will leave this place on cloud 9! Order it to go if you have to!


As I stated previously, Cheesecake Bistro is a place I have ate on several occasions but it never disappointed me. It’s a great spot you can only get here in Atlanta in the middle of Atlantic Station where you can shop and stop by and grab a bite. If you are in a hurry and can’t stay to eat…definitely swing by and pick you up some cheesecake to go! Some of the best cheesecake in town.

Learn more about Cheesecake Bistro by Copelands on their website | Menu Facebook | Instagram | Atlantic Station (location)

What item on the menu sparked your interest the most? kiwithebeauty-lgo

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