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It’s Cinco De Mayo, but I pre-celebrated with Atlanta’s first ever ATL Taco Fest this past weekend. It was very smart of them to have this festival prior to the national Taco holiday as it brought 1000s of locals to the fest to taste some good food and find new spots! I recapped the event and I had a lot of fun! It did rain this day…so I couldn’t recap everything – but I got a lot of good info and food!


So I started my Taco Fest experience at this fun tent! They were having a big party here with Free shirt giveaways, they had FREE Tacos (everyone had bands with money points on it) so you didnt have to use your own money to get it. Photo booths and just a good vibe. I got me a shirt that I am going to wear today actually…because it is Cinco De Mayo so perfect shirt right?


Let’s Taco Bout My Shirt!

I bought my shirt weeks in advance to show my love for Tacos at ATL Taco Fest. I had to…gotta Taco Bout it!


This booth also had the huge tortilla brand La Banderita with a big air prop of tortillas! That was cute…part of the giveaway was to take a selfie next to it to win a shirt! #TacoLife  atlanta-taco-festival-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-4

The Lunazul tent was a lot of fun! They had an interactive tent full of complimentary cocktails, live caricature drawings, photo magnets, brand swag and even had phone charging stations! I spent a lot of time here because it was the most comfortable as they had chairs, the big tent, my phone was charging an it was a cool vibe!


Met up with my friend Loren holding the huge Lunazul prop bottle

atlanta-taco-festival-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-6 atlanta-taco-festival-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-7

One of my favorite parts about the Lunazul tent was the Create-Your-Own-Cocktail Station! It had a plethora of fruits and mint to add to your cup to make your own signature drink with the tequilas. This was an unlimited cocktail station and you can mix and match all you want! The lines for this actually wasn’t too bad. I actually spent the most time getting drinks here because the lines for other margaritas was crazy!!!


My unique fruity cocktail combo before the mix!


Here is my finished cocktail concoction! It was such a great freshing drink! They also added some agave to the tequila mix to give it even more kick of sweetness. I am a Lunazul fan now! I want all of my cocktails made this way!


complimentary caricatures by Lunazul


Jefe’s Tacos and Tequila


Twisted Taco


Tin Lizzy’s Cantinas


Mezcalito Cocina + Tequila Bar // Tamales!!



A full smoked pig!!!


barTaco is not just tacos..its a lifestyle!

barTacos has actually became one of my favorite spots in Atlanta to enjoy authentic Mexican food so I was happy to stop by their area. They serve grill corn here (my favorite) and hopefully I can do some fun collaborations with this brand soon. It’s not just tacos, its a lifestyle!

atlanta-taco-festival-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-18 atlanta-taco-festival-kiwi-the-beauty-blog-20

Of course they had more than just tacos such as oysters, chill seasoned fruit, tamales (which I was so excited about remember I couldnt get it in Panama recently) and more!


Some of the tacos I ate. I had around 8 different tacos!


So I can officially say I got Taco Wasted. I will be honest as say it did rain a lot – of all days. So it did get a little messy, but hey it made the taco lines go down much quicker because this place was packed! For it to be their first taco fest I think it was a super success! I found some new Taco Places to try in Atlanta, really excited I find a tamales spot! I missed out on the grilled corn, but I also found the spot in Atlanta to find it at here at the fest. You can rarely go wrong with tacos…ever. So in celebration of Cinco De Mayo – Cinco De Life Eat More Tacos! You don’t need this holiday or fest alone to enjoy some…if you are in Atlanta check out some of these spots I highlighted. I will see through out the year if I can collab and even do some reviews.

If you are interested in learning more about the Atlanta Taco Festival check out there site | hashtag #ATLTacoFest

Doing anything fun for Cinco De Mayo? Do you have a love for tacos like I do…lets TACO Bout it!


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