{Product Review} Britenz | Brush-On Teeth Whiter That Works! Wednesday 11 September, 2013

Ok so I have a confession. I have somewhat of a teeth fetish.

I know it sounds nuts, but I have a thing for a great smile (especially a man with a great smile *swoon*). So naturally with this slight obsession, I want to keep up with my own smile.

I got the opportunity to try out a new teeth whitening product called Britenz, an on-the-go product great for keeping smiles nice and pearly white for the people on the move {like me}. Britenz is an all-natural, gentle teeth whitening pen designed for whitening on the go! It structured as a convenient “pen” that you can take anywhere – pocket or purse!

I definitely needed to try this product because I am constantly on the go, and I am always smiling in social gatherings and for the camera – I have to keep my smile in check.  So does Britenz live up to its hype?
My Verdict
I was a little skeptical of the whitening tool because I was honestly afraid of the process. Britenz works by turning the base of the brush-on pen clockwise, in which a clear gel is produced to whiten your teeth. I was over thinking about how it was going to taste once I apply it to my teeth.

Well surprisingly, it didn’t taste like anything. No nasty, pasty, gunky solution after-taste like other home whitening products usually have. Britenz is actually made from all-natural ingredients including Xylitol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Aloe Vera & Peppermint – that works as a dual breath freshener.

When the clear solution come out of the tip, I applied it to each tooth and let it stand for a few minutes. It was a real simple process, and it started working immediately. I kept it on for 5 minutes, but there is no set time frame. There is also no need to rinse off, but I personally did for O.C.D reasons. Overall it’s whitened my teeth honestly quicker than any home-based tooth whitening product.  This worked immediately and I loved the results. 

This a great product, with it’s compact size to use at your job, in your car, before a hot date, or anywhere on-the-go and want to give your smile an extra pick me up!

You Smile Can Go From Slight Sinister Smile

…To Full Blow Beyonce Smile

Don’t you want to smile like Beyonce? Of course you do, everyone wants to be like Beyonce!

Let’s be honest, tooth whitening services are expensive between dentist check ups.  Breaking the bank for a whiter smile? Aint nobody got time for that! – I did use a Sweet Brown reference I had too!

Overall I recommend the product for everyone –
Brighten Up Someone’s Day with a ‘Britenz’ Smile! (It Works)

Learn more about the product on their website at www.britenz.com
Purchase the product online or Wholefoods and Amazon.com.

Love, Grace & Kissy Face,

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