Tis The Season to Rock Ugly Sweaters! Monday 31 December, 2012

Yes I hosted yet ANOTHER holiday themed party…but not alone this time!

I had my good friend Alicia aka AllyMcGlam who is just as festive as me, so I knew she would be down to co-host an UGLY Christmas Sweater Party.

So this was my supposed to be ugly sweater get-up…but I kept getting compliments on how cute I look. I guess this was an Ugly Christmas Sweater Fail! LOL! I tried, this was the best I could find at the thrift store…next year I’m going to go a little uglier. This wasn’t the time to be cute. I thought my gift bow headband was a cute festive touch.

So here are some of the table items for the party. I loved the African American Santa cupcakes…never seen that before so I had to snag it! A couple of sandwich & pound cake party trays.  But I made something extra special for the occasion which was Christmas Cookie Martinis (yum).

There is no real recipe to make these. Its simple: Use Chocolate Red Wine +  Rim the Glasses with Chocolate Syrup + Add Crushed Oreos and Chips Ahoy Cookies around the Rim = Christmas Cookie Martinis!

We did a toast with our Christmas Cookie Martinis with all the ladies who attended the party. We Cheers to surviving 12-21-12 (lol) and a great holiday and new upcoming year.

Afterwards we played a fun game I kinda sorta made up. It’s called Ratchet Christmas Gift. So basically how the game is played is you wrap a gift several times and put everyone in a circle to pass it around.

It’s similar to musical chairs where you stop and play music during the duration of the game…but not to any old music…RATCHET MUSIC (Trindad James “All Gold Everything” to be exact).

So when the music is being played, everyone continues to pass the gift around and when the music stops, the person holding the gift unwraps a layer. The music stops and goes continuously until the person who unwraps the last layer wins the gift.

Kera won the gift! And surprise….the gift wasn’t ratchet at all! Just the song being played (lol) and those are some super cute Cameo earrings.

Next we played another game I semi-made up – Christmas Limbo!

I took a candy cane (from my photobooth) and had everyone play the classic Limbo party game to Christmas Music. Now some of us haven’t limbo’d since we were younger…so we had to see if we can even get low and bend without hurting something! LOL

And with playing an old school game, you get a couple of people who forget the rules! There is NO squatting under the limbo stick or ducking under either. That’s cheating, but you know it happens!

Towards the end of the Christmas Limbo game we had two fierce competitive Limbo players Bri & Alicia’s 13 yr old daughter Dasia. They both were getting pretty low!! How low did they go…so low that we couldn’t even pick the winner properly because neither one of them fell (and the stick got so dangerously low it was impossible for them to get under it).

But Dasia was the winner in the end! The young and limber prevailed!  

After the Christmas Limbo game, it was time to vote on the Ugliest Sweaters. Above is the Sweater Ballot Box I created to be festive (always gotta do something extra).

So Miss Limbo Winner, Dasia, asked me if she could have the ballot Sweater after the voting. I was in shock because I didn’t think nothing of the sweater when I bought it initially. I specifically bought it for the ballot when I went thrifting for my “ugly” sweater. Dasia’s little face lit up and she seriously wanted it and I couldn’t say no!

So she received an early Christmas gift from Aunt Kiwi after the vote. She was super excited and grateful and happy she appreciated a $3 sweater I randomly picked up.

The votes were in and we had 3 Ugly Sweater Winners!

1. Ugly Sweater Winner – Talesha

2. Uglier Sweater Winner – Alyanna

3. Ugliest Sweater Winner – Brittany

Congrats to Brittany for winning the UGLIEST SWEATER of the night. She definitely deserved to win because she had not only an ugly sweater, but an ugly turtleneck and some festive christmas buttons to go the extra mile!

So what’s a fun party without a Photobooth? I decided my Christmas Couture Chickarita event photobooth props were good enough to use for the Ugly Sweater Christmas Booth. Everyone had a great time being silly in the booth.

Here goes me being the Photo Booth silly Queen!

Overall the Ugly Sweater party was a fun success! Everyone enjoyed themselves and didn’t get too distracted with their ugly attire to mingle and laugh and exchange gift (pics not shown because we were having too much fun sorry).

Thanks Ally for co-hosting with me and I look forward to next year’s Ugly Sweater Party!

Keep Calm & Ugly Sweater On!

Love, Grace & Kissy Face!


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  • Portia says:

    Wow!! You ladies look like you were having fun, and I agree some of those sweaters were NOT cute at all. But it really didn’t matter, because the sweaters didn’t seem to be the highlight of the night. Wish I would have made it, but unfortunately I went home for Christmas. Happy New Year Kiwi!!

  • Lynn says:

    I know you wasn’t going for the CUTE look but you really do look adorable… Look like so much fun!!!! Keep ’em coming lady! 🙂


  • Carissa says:

    This looks like it was a lot of fun! I’ve been wanting to have an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, I should just do it!!!

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