Exclusive Interview with the Voices of Disney/Pixar Incredibles 2: Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) & Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) #Incredibles2Event Monday 11 June, 2018

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What an honor that myself and 25 bloggers got a chance to interview many of the voices for the highly anticipated Disney/Pixar sequel of Incredibles 2. Lets start the round of interviews with the star parents of the film, Mr.Incredible & Elastigirl! Its been 14 years since we heard these voices together, and it was exciting to hear their thoughts on their reunion and what to expect from Incredibles 2 from our favorite animated superhero parents!

Photo credit: Louise Manning Bishop / MomStart.com

Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter reveal on how they felt about coming back 14 years later for the Incredibles sequel.

Holly Hunter: I can speak for you [Craig T. Nelson] – we weren’t hesitating in wanting to do this sequel.

Craig T. Nelson: It was exciting because it was fourteen years. What are they gonna come up with? How can it be different? Where are we going to pick it up? We didn’t know anything!

Then I wasn’t sure if I could do it vocally. I had been doing Parenthood and Zeke had a different vocal quality, so I had nerves and anxiety about it.

Holly: I thought it was amusing that Incredibles 2 would pick up literally fifteen seconds after the first movie. It’s a completely impossible thing to do in regular film, so the ability of animation to do that was so delightful.

There were so many things about this opportunity that were kind of effortless. Just in terms of Craig and I; we record with Brad Bird and only Brad. So to encounter Brad fourteen years later with a microphone between us was just fun. He’s somebody that both of us just inherently trust.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT – In the midst of battling the Underminer villain, Violet protects her family by throwing one of her most super force fields yet. Featuring Sarah Vowell as the voice of Violet, Holly Hunter as the voice of Helen, Craig T. Nelson as the voice of Bob and Huck Milner as the voice of Dash, Disney•Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” busts into theaters on June 15, 2018. ©2018 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Craig: When we did the first one, we didn’t know what it was going to be. The thing turns out to be huge, so we’re waiting to see when we’re going to do the sequel. We’re still actors and we’re not always working.

So you’re like, “well, I’ve got that to look forward to, maybe. Then the third year comes. And the fourth year. Then you’re going, “I’m not going to pay for the stuff I bought!” [laughs] Then the ninth years, then the 10-year anniversary and you’re too old to do it anymore! I thought, “they don’t want me; and if they do another one, they’ll probably get a new Bob. I was looking forward to doing the rest home version.

To realize the impact and longevity that The Incredibles had, and then to do the second one? It’s pretty amazing.

TAKING THE WHEEL — In “Incredibles 2,” Helen aka Elastigirl is called on to help bring Supers back. Her mission comes with a brand-new Elasticycle, a state-of-the-art cycle that is designed just for her. Meanwhile, Bob navigates the day-to-day heroics of “normal” life at home. Featuring the voices of Holly Hunter and Craig T. Nelson, Disney•Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” busts into theaters on June 15, 2018. ©2018 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

With both of them having distinct voices, we asked if people recognize them often?

Holly:   If I don’t wanna be recognized, I don’t talk. It’s a giveaway, like, with one syllable.

Craig:   I get tired of people saying or asking me, ‘did I go to high school with you?’

Photo credit: Louise Manning Bishop / MomStart.com

The Incredibles 2 movie ironically is in alignment with more women-centric focuses such as the Me Too and Times Up movement. What are their thoughts on how the animation is paralleling these movements in today’s society with women having more visibility? 

Holly: “Well, I think that’s a little serendipitous with the Me Too coinciding with the opening of this movie where that’s an element. But I think it is totally by coincidence. And at the same time, it is in the air. I mean, it’s in the cultural, the environment that I guess we’re all breathing. Which is a great thing, especially it’s a great thing for kids to see this movie, not just little girls but, but boys, too. It’s great for everybody to see what men and women are capable of, that men are capable of being fantastic, nurturing parents. And we all know this. This is not new for us, but it’s still great to see this exploration both for our characters.

SUPER CYCLE – When Helen aka Elastigirl is called on to help bring Supers back in “Incredibles 2,” she employs a brand-new, specially designed, state-of-the-art Elasticycle. Written and directed by Brad Bird and featuring the voice of Holly Hunter as Helen, Disney•Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” busts into cinemas on July 13, 2018. ©2018 Disney•Pixar. All Rights reserved.

And it’s fantastic and delightful to see Elastigirl living up to this gift that she has without any apology. She just is going for it and losing herself in it, which is a beautiful thing. I think also for mothers, it’s great for a mother to be able to be fully engaged in something that has nothing to do with parenting, and I think that that’s difficult for all of us to actually give ourselves license to just go that deeply.”

Dash in Disney•Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” busts into cinemas on July 13, 2018. ©2018 Disney•Pixar. All Rights reserved.

A relatable moment in the Incredibles 2 was an issue with modern math.”Why are they trying to change math? Math is math.” How do they feel about that line in real life?

Craig:   I don’t understand it as a dad or as a grandfather.

Holly:   I can relate to that. It’s unbelievable.

Craig:   Two plus two is four.

Photo credit: Louise Manning Bishop / MomStart.com

Craig:   It isn’t just new math. I’m confused about a lot of things.  I really don’t understand the approaches to a lot of things, you know? When did they change the rules? Who gave them permission to do that? And it’s like, wait a minute… it’s not even being brought up.   The kids; my grandkids; I have great-grandkids — I’ve got three of them. What a world they’re being raised in!

When I was raised, the beauty of the education that I received was that it was you were classically trained. You had classic literature to refer to and it was given to you and performed for you. So you learned words, you learned communication. And so I think for my kids and my grandkids that when I go to visit them, it’s very disturbing.

HE’S GOT THIS – Bob Parr aka Mr. Incredible attempts his most heroic feat yet: spearheading life at home with Violet, Dash and baby Jack-Jack, whose super powers are about to be discovered by his family. Written and directed by Brad Bird and produced by John Walker and Nicole Paradis Grindle, Disney•Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” busts into theaters on June 15, 2018. ©2018 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

What made Mr. Incredible’s character different this time around?

Craig: A great part about the character in the film, for me, was that I was given the opportunity to get to know my kids. And so I hadn’t discovered that but at the same time Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible are competitive, and they have this kind of, you know, go ahead and do it, and when you do it, do it well like I know you can do it, but when you fail, you know, I’ll be there. But it’s for a great cause. And it also gives each other the freedom to explore their potential, and that’s what, to me, it speaks to, in terms of that.”

Photo credit: Louise Manning Bishop / MomStart.com

We all had a great time interviewing both Craig and Holly in honor of the return of their characters of Mr.Incredible and Elastigirl! It was a great time chatting with them and yes, they sound just like their animated characters! Check out the trailer to see a sneak peak of the upcoming Incredibles 2!

Disneyland + PixarFest is doing a lot of celebration in honor of the upcoming Incredibles 2 film coming up. The Incredible Family is featured at the Pixar Parade, The Nighttime Spectacular show and on the new upcoming Incrediocoaster at the Pixar Pier. Check out the trailer and stayed tune for my Incredible 2 movie review!

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Are you excited for the return of Mr.Incredible & Elastigirl?

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