STAYCATION IN THE CITY: Stone Mountain Park Christmas + Evergreen Resort Recap Tuesday 10 November, 2015

stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-2 I had a fun weekend as I had a mini staycation at a place which was actually my first job. Stone Mountain Park is now open for Stone Mountain Christmas for the holidays. I know we already talking Christmas? Yes we are…and it was fun getting into the spirit at Stone Mountain Park. When I worked at this park when I was 16 (many moons ago) they celebrated the holidays like no other…but doing this media preview I think they actually stepped it up at bit and I was excited to see what changed. Stone Mountain Park is a family attraction and the kids have so much to do during the holidays so I decided to bring my 3 year old cousin Monet for the experience!


Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas 4-DSing-a-long Train, A Wish for Snow: The Snow Angel Christmas Experience, Christmas Parade and live holiday shows Forever ChristmasHolly Jolly Cabaretand Christmas Carol. There will also be opportunities throughout the event to meet the Snow Angel, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer®, Bumble™ the Abominable Snow Monster and SANTA! The evening ended with the magical Snow Angel Snowfall and Fireworks Finale.


The media event for Stone Mountain Christmas started with dinner! Dinner was at the park’s Campfire Grill, a campsite themed restaurant where the campvibes are indoors in this cozy and fun restaurant with food to match the mood.  stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-4 stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-5 stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-6


Monet (my 3 year old cousin + I) cant wait to have fun at Stone Mountain Park Christmas!

stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-8 stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-9 stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-10 stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-11 stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-12 stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-13 stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-14 stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-16 stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-17 stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-18 stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-19 stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-20 stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-21 stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-24 stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-22

stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-25 stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-23

This is new! Holiday Themed Funnel Cakes…I never had red velvet funnel cakes for but this was amazing! Great holiday snack for sure!

stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-27 stone-mountain-park-christmas-blog-review-26

Monet really loved the Snow Angel. She literally flew over Stone Mountain Park…look don’t ask me how she did it but she did! I was shocked myself because I wasnt expecting her to fly over the stores to greet the kids with a bubble foam snow store and fireworks! It was so much fun and Monet was so excited!


This is the face of a 3 year old who didnt take nap all day!


This is the result after the 3 year had a fun-filled night at Stone Mountain Park Christmas. Lights out!


Monet doesnt want to leave the resort just yet!

After the park, we didnt go straight home…we stay at Stone Mountain Park. Stone Mountain Park has their own resort on the large attraction site called Atlanta Marriott Evergreen. We stayed in a 2 double bedroom that had a porch looking over the lake! It was really nice and cozy…and of course Monet loved the stay! She slept really good (especially because she didnt take a nap)!


GIVEAWAY ALERT: Stone Mountain Park is giving away a #SnowDayOurWay – a 1 Night Stay at the Evergreen Resort + Complimentary Breakfast for 4 + 4 tickets to SMP’s Christmas & Snow Mountain attractions! Click this link/image to their Facebook page to enter the contest and win ( GOOD LUCK!

Could Your Family Use a Holiday Staycation this year?


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