Before the OMG Girlz, even before Destiny’s Child and way before the Spice Girls– There was the ground breaking girl group TLC !


Totally T-boz

aired last night and I made sure to watch the premiere of Tionne “T-boz” Watkins, who was raspy singer, The T in TLC & one-third of one of the most popular girl groups of all time TLC (which coinenedently aired on the TV show network TLC).

JUST FYI: I am a HUGE TLC fan.

I am not just saying that. Ask my momma, ask my daddy, ask anyone who knew me as a child in the 90s! OMG TLC was my EVERYTHANG and I played out CrazySexyCool Album at 9 years old.

I even re-bought the CrazySexyCool Album for Black Friday because the original is at the ‘Rents house.


TLC came in the 90s where the era of the  R&B girl groups were high in demand such as En Vouge, SWV, Changing Faces, Exscape, 702, & Total but this group was different. TLC brought3 women, 1 – raspy vocal lead singer (TBoz), 1 sultry seductive singer (Chilli) , and 1 bonfide fiesty rapper (Left-Eye) together to create a colorful & futuristic group who perfected a great mix of tomboy+ sexy still considered the BEST selling female R&B group of all time (and the 2nd best selling female group of all time – Spice Girls are #1).

After the tragic death of the only rapper in the group, Lisa (Left-Eye) Lopes, TLC  group made one more studio album and went on a career hiatus shortly after and haven’t heard any new music from either member in over a decade.

TLC is going on their 20th anniversary of their musical career in the entertainment buisness and what better way to give the additional exposure to the hawt group is to highlight T-Boz with her own show.

Chili debuted her own show on VH1 with “What Chilli Wants” and now we get to see the Totally Real Side of T-Boz with her own show Totally T-Boz on TLC (the network – I know don’t get confused).

I know some people are getting sick and tired of seeing celebrities that haven’t been seen in the spotlight for years, promote yet ANOTHER reality show to boost their fanbase and careers again.

Well I will tell you, I love T-boz so with or without this reality show I would support her (she was always my favorite), but watching the actual show you can see intimate details on how this woman preserved after suriving a brain tumor and relearning how to walk, talk, see and hear properly again. Her determination to show the world that she is strong enough to have the solo career she always wanted and showcase her spunky & fun personality.

I was tweeting the entire show to T-Boz (@TheRealTboz) with the hashtag #TotallyTboz to show my most enthuisastic support and guess what?

Not only did she tweet me once -she tweeted me Thx twice!!!


::school girl screams::

Overall the show is wonderful. I cannot wait to see the progression of her new solo studio album and buy 3 copies from the store (not on itunes).  People we have to support Real music again and show this new generation how fun music used to be.


TLC confession of mine: So I was 7 years old when TLC came out with “What About Your Friends” music video and it was the first time I was exposed to condoms. I remember asking my older sister “what is that over Left-Eye’s eye”? She replied “It’s a condom they are promoting safe sex”. Do you know I thought it was a package of egg yolks she was covering her eyes with? I was thinking what does eggs have to do with sex? Dont judge me I was 7 years old!

Please everyone if you are a true TLC fan, a 90s music fan, or a fan of great music in general, please support Tboz’s new show Totally Tboz.

TLC’s “Creep” video took me from fan to SUPER FAN ay 9 years old. ::Do the creep dance::

What are some of your favorite TLC memories and did you watch the premiere of Totally Tboz? Let me know your thoughts!

Totally T-boz airs Tuesdays on TLC at 8pm EST

Love, Grace & Kissy Face

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  • Curvy CEO says:

    I am over here laughing at your 7 year old self (egg yolk – lol)! Thanks for the reminder – I forgot this show was coming on! Will definitely make sure to watch.

  • Ashley GaGa says:

    I love TLC! They were THE GROUP back in the day. All of their songs were in heavy rotation on my walkman. LOL! I wasn’t able to watch Totally TBoz but I will not that you have mentioned it. Oh, and I almost choked from laughing so hard when you mentioned the ‘egg yolk’. LOLOL! I had no idea what it was either. I thought it was a lollipop with no stick.

    All the best,
    Ashley GaGa

  • Andrea says:

    What? Shout out! I’m not mad…lol. Thanks for liking my FB page. Andrea @ be-quoted.com

  • Britton says:

    Aaaaaaah! Sooo many memories of that “Crazy. Sexy. Cool” album! I watched her show on rerun the other day, and I must say…I did enjoy it! I will be tuning in weekly!

  • Fashion Without Guilt says:

    I am in LOVE with the new show. My mother has sickle cell so I am so happy it is seen in the limelight. I wish her the best.

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